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How should I prepare?

  • Fill-out an initial intake form – or at the very least read over it.  We often have lengthy and complicated health history. But at least visiting the questions presented within an intake form it will jog the memory.
  • You will start to think about where your health is.  What parts of your health currently concern you the most?  How well is your body operating today?  What major events have influenced your health eg injuries, major illness and surgeries.  We often forget many of these as they fall into the past.
  • Write down and bring any questions you have. We are here to help you.
  • Aim to arrive 15 minutes before your appointment.  This offers you the opportunity to settle and arrive.  It provides space to use the bathroom or have a drink of water before treatment. It also allows for some of the unpredictable events that may occur.  A buffer means you can arrive without stress.
  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing for easy access to acupuncture points, plus you will want to be comfortable on the table.
  • Do not eat large meals just before or after your visit.  Acupuncture works to move energy, fluids and blood around the body.  Having nutrition and energy for your body provides something to work with. It provides your body with the resources it needs to heal.
  • Refrain from overexertion, working out, drugs or alcohol for up to six hours after the visit.
  • Avoid stressful situations. Make time to relax, and be sure to get plenty of rest.
  • Keep it Simple, do not schedule other therapeutic appointments on the same day. Seeing your massage therapist, acupuncturist and osteopath all in one day is to much for the body.  Your body will be unable to receive the best and clearest message from each of the interventions.  Ideally, plan a rest day between treatments of different modalities. At the very least try and keep them on separate days.
  • Between visits, take notes of any changes that may have occurred, such as the alleviation of pain, pain moving to other areas, or changes in the frequency and type of problems.
  • Don’t forget to TURN YOUR PHONE OFF so you can be fully present for this time you have set aside for your body, as well as others in the office.  Your commitment to attending your local acupuncture office.
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